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Most affiliate marketing businesses are very easy to start, but scaling them and sustaining them are a much bigger headache.  Most just want to sell you another product or program, rather than actually understanding where you are stuck and helping you to the next level.

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I am into affiliate marketing since 2004 and I never seen anybody providing so much value for the insanely low price. The strategies and tacts Michael provides are top notch and easy to implement.


Affiliate Marketer

Having the opportunity to be a part of Michael Mansell's AMP Live Case Study has been amazing. Michael is easy to follow and is there to get all of your questions answered.

Pamela Weiss

Affiliate Marketer

Michael Mansell Is a True Leader. He puts together quality trainings and programs that he believes in. He goes the extra mile to support and coach his team for success. I would highly recommend Michael trainings and programs. He’s the real deal if your looking for a positive mindset and the roadmap to success!

Sharon Remeikis 

Affiliate Marketer

AMP Stars Membership

This membership will give you access to all of our standard marketing training PLUS AMP STARS and a whole bunch of CURRENT marketing strategy videos and education.



Michael has been on point with reaching his team and helping them step by step with AMP.

Chris Rathburn

Affiliate Marketer & Business Owner

The information he provides is worth any amount to access this knowledge.

Cedric Fuller

Business Owner

If you want to discover how to have internet marketing working for you and your business AMP/Mansell is the right place to be.

Jimmy Pfeffer

Affiliate Marketer

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